Friday, March 4, 2016

Sixth Time

Sissy saw him coming through the was the same little man.... this was the sixth time he'd been here in two weeks....he was just so adorable....this was the first time he would meet the Sissy Maid!!!!!
"Whoa....Dude that''s new!!!!"
"Thank you! Here's the money for the pizza and here's ten for you!"
"Ten! Wow...thank you sir...I mean Ma'am....I you!"
"How about I make that a twenty and a blowjob?"
"Oh thanks but I have other deliveries to make..."
"Let me make that a about it?"
"Well I don't want to get into any trouble..."
"Alright, a hundred and a blowjob!"
"Okay baby I think I can handle that!!! I like a big woman!!!! Someone with a little meat!"
Sissy took him by the hand and led him into the living room....she sat on the couch and pulled up her dress and petticoats revealing a rock hard 7 inch cock!!!!
Pulling the little man close Sissy whispered in his ear...
"Alright Baby....get busy...for a hundred it better be good!!!!"
"Hey wait...I thought...."
"Looks like you thought wrong Sweetie" Sissy said as she pushed her hard cock into his mouth!!


  1. Ha! I love it . . . totally did not expect it to go there. :)

    1. It didn't start out going just kind of ended up there somehow!!!

  2. I didn't either! :) sara

  3. Well, you must follow your muse. She is the cruelest mistress of them all!