Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Subterranean Kingdom

He ran as hard as he was hard in the dark tunnels and he snagged his clothing on things unseen but he couldn't stop!!!! He heard them coming but they were far behind him and he was sure he could escape to the surface before they could catch him!!!
Rounding a bend he saw light filtering through the small holes and he knew he had found his escape!!!! Swiftly climbing the ladder he pushed at the manhole cover and it didn't budge!!! He had once been strong enough to move these with one hand but that was before....
Hearing them nearer now his panic gave him the strength to finally push away the last obstacle to his freedom and for the first time in three long years he breathed in the fresh night air!
He spotted a man on the corner....he was just hanging up a pay telephone....and he ran to him!
" me!!!" he cried. He knew what he looked like....he knew that they had transformed him into an object of desire....god knows how many times he had been used for their sinful lusts and depraved desires....
The man stood a full head taller than him and his arm soon held him tight!
"What's the problem Miss?"
"I'm Mike Jefferson....please help me get to the police....I've been held underground by the Tunnel Dwellers for three years now....please help me!"
"Mike Jefferson? You sure don't look like a Mike to me Baby!"
"They did this to me.....they said they almost never get women in the tunnels so they have to transform the ones they capture.....please please take me to the police....there are so many others held captive down there!!!"
"Sure Sweetheart sure I'll help you!"
He swept the transformed man up in his arms and marched back toward the manhole she had escaped from!
"No not this way....they'll be looking for me here!!!"
"I know....that's why I'm taking you there!!!!"
His struggles were useless as the man was much stronger than him.
"But why.....why would you do this to me....please....please let me go...."
"Sweetheart, in two years I retire as an anonymous longshoreman....but down there I'll be a Prince! And I'll get to choose any reward I want and I think I'm going to want you!!!! I hope they don't use you up before I get there!!!"
As he began to push the transformed man into the opening desperation came over him....
"Please....don't send me back!!!! You can have me now!!!! I'll do whatever you want!!!! You can have me now!!!!"
Before he could answer hands from below pulled the screaming man down once again into the dark tunnels....his screams echoing through the darkness!
He kicked the manhole cover back into place and walked away.....two more years and I can have my choice!!!! He couldn't wait!!!!

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