Saturday, March 12, 2016

Going Home

After medical science has thrown all their awesome technology and expertise at my case and after consulting among experts in numerous fields the answer to the mystery of "What Happened to Sissy Kaaren?" seems to be....

"We don't know." I almost started laughing...

"It might have been as simple as a trip and fall....we've ruled out almost everything else."

I'm going to be released later today and I hope to get a post up by tonight....I'm still having that pesky vision problem but it doesn't seem as bad as yesterday!

They scanned my brain every which way and they say they can't find a thing wrong with it....which makes me wonder about the machines.....

Thank you all for your concern and kind words....I love you all!!!



  1. Jeez! I don't pay attention to you for a few days and you end up in a freakin' hospital!

    That sounds like a scary situation, and my friend went through the same thing about 2 years ago. She was over her boyfriends house and he was getting ready to go into the shower and he just nodded off while standing, hitting his head on the toilet, bounced off that and hit the tub rim. 911 call etc .. for him, they found out it was diabetes, and his sugar level was around 400. Now he's on meds and things seem to be fine.

    I laughed about the cage being removed, but I bet she has always had contingency plans in her mind in case of emergencies. You are probably just too much in the sissy bliss clouds to know what those plans are.

    Also, they didn't want you to sleep as that is something they DON'T want you to do when you have a concussion, which most likely is what happened.

    I am so glad that you are doing better, and if they did a brain scan, you'll have a reference point in case something else happens, which I hope does NOT happen. I don't want any of my friends to suffer in the slightest, well unless they are enjoying the discomfort. Glad to hear you are on the mend, and your wife rocks! Take your time getting back to "normal" and just think, you'll have plenty of stuff to read as you catch up!

    1. Thanks for your concern looks like I fell and that damned table with it's pointy corners jumped in to try to stop me from hitting the floor!!!
      The cage story is pretty good and I'll try to make it into a post soon but I'm having a problem concentrating for too long and the screen is giving me headaches!!!
      Kisses and hugs

  2. Could it have been the cage cutting off the blood flow to the head? LOL Just joking sweetie. Just read your post for the last few days and I am relieved that you are doing better and at home. Hopefully the reports will come back in your favor and you will not experience trauma like this again.
    Stay well Kaaren. Huggs. Mishel