Sunday, March 6, 2016


This one had potential, with his slight build and pretty face, not even a whisp of facial hair and his hair tied back in a ponytail.....oh yes this one had potential!!!!
Leaning closer to look him over he looked down to avoid her intense he was submissive too....he was just too prefect!!!!
"Excuse me." she whispered "What size dress do you wear?"
"What...I don't..."
She waved her hand at his protests....
"What size dress do you wear? At home....alone....when you think no ones watching!!!"
"I wear a size 8...."
"Perfect....You couldn't be more perfect for me!!! Come home with me and we'll see if you can fulfill your potential!!!!"


  1. Wonderful many possibilities

  2. I can wear a size 8 slacks, I would need to try the style of dress to see if an 8 would fit over my chest and shoulders.