Monday, March 7, 2016

I Can't Believe It

"When I said I want you in panties from now on I can't believe you thought it would be alright to wear boxers over them!!!!"
"I'm sorry....I won't do it again!"
" won't! When we're done here we're going to gather up all those horrible boxers and we're going to burn you understand?"
"Owww....yes I understand!"
"And because you disobeyed....I want you to shave off all that icky body hair....everything from the neck you understand?"
"But in the Locker.....Owwww!!!! Yes I understand!!!"
"And from now on you will always wear a matching bra....just because I say you understand?"
"Oh Baby Please I Can't.....owww...please it would show OWWWW....OWWWW....OWWWW....oh please....I understand....I understand!"
"Good, now we'll begin your spanking....I think 25 would be about right!!!!"
"But I thought you'd already...."
"Thirty then!"
"Yes Ma'am"


  1. Harsh but's the only way us silly little boys will learn our place

  2. i often find myself in this position. sara