Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Morning Sun

The morning sun streams into her bedroom and shines onto the cock that made her scream in delight last night!!! She loves to invite me in to see it....especially if he has "morning wood"!!!!
I wonder how it feels for him to wake up with the two of us sucking and licking his cock!!! It must feel wonderful!!!
I love tasting her on him and I think she does too!!!!
It usually ends one of two ways....
Either she pushes me aside and rides him till they both cry in ecstasy or she and I suck him till he explodes...always in my mouth....and in either case I let them snuggle afterwards while I fix their coffee and breakfast....a lovely way to start the day!!!!


  1. Such a long one... a great way to wake up. sara

  2. A much better way to get a spring in your step than caffeine!