Monday, October 31, 2016


"So what are you dressing up as Sweetheart?"
"I'm going to dress up as a bee!"
"A bee? Really not what I expected at all!"
"Oh....but I'm going to be a queen bee and I'm going to be attended to by all my drones!"
"That's closer to what I thought.....what about I going to be a drone?"
"Of course not Sissy!!! You're going to be a Ladybug and your job is to make sure the drones are prepared to serve their queen!!!"
"So just another night at home?"
"Yes Sissy, get busy....."

1 comment:

  1. ohh io adoro essere coccinella...mi da l'idea di essere più femminuccia più generosa più adorabile...da noi si dice che le coccinelle portino tanta fortuna...questo non lo sò ma io sicuramente porto tanta gioia tanta verve tanto piacere ai bei maschi col pungiglione...!! grazie tesoro baci baci baci