Saturday, October 22, 2016

Looks Like A Guy

I really wasn't expecting her to bring someone home and I had already removed my makeup to get ready for bed!!!
I was embarrassed when she introduced me to her young stud....after all it was obvious that I was a male in lingerie....and he objected when she asked me to suck his cock while she changed....
"But he looks like a told me he'd look like a chick!!!"
She knew it would take me quite a while to re-apply my makeup and she really didn't want to wait....
"Just a minute.....I know just the thing!!!! Sissy come with me to the kitchen!!!"
Five minutes later his cock was in my mouth and we were all happy again....she is very creative after all!!!!


  1. grazie del suggerimento bella e fantasiosa Kaaren...questo può sostituire il glory-hole e poi a me è utile per quei bei maschi che vogliono che sia sempre molto truccata come una non sono esperta di trucco ancora sto imparando...e loro comunque non rinuncerebbero mai ad un mio passionale lungo ricco pompino...questo stratagemma è la mia chiave di volta !!! grazie ti adoro baci baci baci

  2. Ha ha! Must be Halloween! ~sara