Friday, October 28, 2016

New Services

He liked the pool and the sauna but it was so far out of his way and there was just no parking....sometimes after circling forever he ended up just going home!!!
He had decided not to renew his just wasn't worth the aggravation!!!
The next time he went he saw the "Under New Management" sign and he laughed....couldn't be as bad as the old management......then he saw the sign for "Members Only Valet  Parking" and he thought maybe he might reconsider his renewal!!!
"Good evening Sir" said the new pretty young receptionist, "I see your membership is close to its expiration date....I hope you'll consider renewing....we're a bit more expensive now I'm afraid, but I'm sure once you've sampled our new services you'll understand why we have to charge a little more!"
"New services? What new services?"
"I'll have a couple of our best personal trainers show you Sir....I'm sure you'll be completely satisfied....."

Forty minutes later he signed the three year contract....he didn't care what it cost....


  1. So, if they're parking in both ends, does that make him the valet? :)

    1. The only reason I stayed a member is the new valet parking!!! I hated looking for a space and the valets are kind of cute!!!

  2. a trovarne di centri massaggi e beuaty farm così attenti alle esigenze di noi femminucce sempre in cerca di cosine nuove che ci facciano sentir bella ed apprezzata e che ci tengano in forma rendendoci pelle e muscoli sinuosi lisci e ginnastica fatta con due personal-training dovrebbe essere molto molto efficace per renderci ancor più consapevoli del nostro ruolo nella società...le sissy sono indispensabili per render più fantasiosa la vita quotidiana e quella della sfera sessuale...noi accendiamo nuove fantasie !! baci baci baci