Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday Matinee - A Woman Scorned

Just looking at them together made her sick to her stomach!!! After all the years she had devoted to him....after all the plans she had made for their future could he choose that little blond trollop over her!!!
But she would show him how wrong he was....she would make him pay.....she would have her revenge.....she would take it all from him....she would change his whole life....his whole world!!!!
She had stumbled upon the secret formula while reading one of the books in his extensive library of ancient relics.....she once thought they were a waste of money....but of course he had so much she was so was the answer to her prayers.
The potion was actually pretty easy to make....too easy she'd wasn't possible that something so simple could make a change so profound....but after she tested it on that had slept and the change happened....when it woke it was confused but there was no confusing that the physical change had been complete!!!!
"Fetch us some drinks Molly!" he called out while the two of them nuzzled by the fire!
He always treated her like a servant....he just didn't understand yet that they were destined to be together....
She put the potion in the glass and she carefully arranged the glasses so that there'd be no mistakes....and once she was sure the potion had been delivered she went to her room to sleep and wait for the mornings surprise!!!
What was he going to think after the transformation potion had done its work!!! It didn't matter to her....she'd be waiting to comfort him....she'd been waiting all these years for him to come to her.....and really where else could he go when he woke next to the little blond tramp he'd married and found that she was a man!!!

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  1. splendido meraviglioso racconto amore !! solo una donna poteva escogitare simile vendetta...solo un vero animo femminile poteva escogitare tale idea ...!! tesoro se per caso ti è capitato per mano quel vecchio manoscritto di alchimia e antiche pozioni per favore puoi andare alla pagina in cui si può trasformare un semplice ometto come me in una splendida ragazza...!! per favore mandami la berrò tutta d'un fiato !! grazie ti adoro baci baci baci