Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Chair

Sentenced to the chair....Tony "The Ax" Valenti remained hopeful that he'd be sprung right up until the last moment They strapped him in as the time ticked away....the death squad at the prison was used to the tension....the sense of desperation....they enjoyed it!!!!
When the warden came in with a fistful of official looking documents Tony thought it was his salvation....and it was....but not how he expected!
"Tony," the warden spoke as he approached him, "There's something you don't know about the "chair"....something that was discovered a century ago....something that no more than a handful of men know....a secret handed down through the you want to know what it is Tony? It may mean the difference between life and death!!!"
"What? you're gonna cook me one way or the other...."
"Nor necessarily Tony....very few people know that there are two settings on the chair will kill you's indescribably painful and then you die....but the other is different....are you interested to hear Tony?"
"You kidding...I don't wanna die!!!! Tell me!!!"
"The other setting causes changes to your body.....making you into a woman....if you choose that you'll live but you'll stay here in the special wing of the prison.....with some of the others who've chosen this'll be "available" for any of the prison staff for anything they'd like to do with a woman.if you know what I mean!"
"So I could die now or be a prison whore for the rest of my life?"
"That's the choice Tony....what'll it be???"
 "What do I have to do?"
"I'm so glad you chose option two Tony, most of the staff was hoping you were the families of some of your're going to be a very busy girl!!!"
"Wait families? You didn't say anything about...."
"Throw the switch!"
He screamed as the searing indescribable pain seared through his body as the changes began.....they would leave him like this for the 48 hours it took for the complete metamorphosis to take place!!!
As the Warden and several of the guards walked away he chuckled!
"It's funny that they never ask if it will hurt!!!"

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