Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Sold Into Hell

"Hands up you evil bastard!!!"
"You!!! No it can't be you!!! I sold you to the Arabs!!! How did you...."
"Yes, you changed me like you've just changed this poor soul.....where were you shipping him to.....what hellhole was going to be his fate?"
"No!!! This is a woman....I don't do that anymore....I realized how cruel it was....I got rid of the transformation formula long ago....please...let me make it up to you....what do you can give you plenty of money....enough to keep you happy the rest of your life!!!!"
"I don't want your money....I want those years of my life back....the years where I was kept as a slave....where I was used and degraded.....where I was considered less than an animal.....where or woman or......oh my god.....where any of them could use my body....this body that you created.....they used me for whatever sick, depraved desire they had....can you give me those years back.....can you?":
"Please, I'll do whatever you want....please don't kill me!!!"
"Oh I'm not going to kill you although you so richly deserve it!!! You say you got rid of the transformation formula so I'm wondering what that might be there in that cup? Why don't you drink the rest of it down.....and be careful....if you spill a drop I'll put a bullet right between your eyes....just like I did to the Sultan!!!"
"And you'll be pleased to know I have a buyer for you all lined Asian gentleman.....he has promised me you'll endure the most exquisite tortures known to man!!!!"
The shot rang close that he felt it brush through his hair and without a further thought he drank it all and fell writhing to the floor as the changes began immediately....

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  1. i tuoi brevi racconti son sempre splendidi e ricchi di sensualità e colpi di scena...come andare al cinema a vedere un film giallo o di spionaggio...con tante scene d'azione e tanti colpi di scena imprevisti e tante belle femmine !! ti adoro sei bravissima e ti bacio dolcemente sulle guance baci baci baci