Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Analyst Needed My Assistance

I couldn't believe how lucky I was when my analyst, Dr. Dee, called and asked for my help with some of her patients!!! I jumped at the chance and I just happened to have a nurse uniform in my closet so I rushed off to the train to her office!!! Many of the men on the train seemed to really have some deep feelings about nurses....they would touch me and sigh and groan....if I wasn't in such a hurry I would have loved to talk to them about it!!!
When I arrived Dr. Dee was in a session with a patient but her receptionist took me to a room I'd never seen before....
"Dr. Dee just wants you to pre-screen some of her patients....feel them out and if there's anything you think the doctor needs to know just note it on the chart. Then send them to me and I'll make sure Dr. Dee gets your notes."
"I've got it, pre-screen and feel them....I can do that!"
A short time later the first patient entered.....
"Hello Joanna, my name is Kaaren....please take off all your clothes and I'm going to give you a little feel!"
"But I ...."
"Doctors orders Sweetie! You're my first patient so I'll be gentle!"


  1. Something tells me that I am going to learn as much about you as I do from your reports. I must say that you are quite thorough and follow directions to the T!

  2. io quando devo andare dal dottore sono sempre indecisa e un poco preoccupata...non so mai come vestirmi...ho sempre paura di non essere pulita e profumata...ho sempre un poco di imbarazzo...soprattutto nelle visite generali dove ti devi spogliare tutta...certo che se il mio dottore avesse una infermiera così bella all'accoglienza e alla preparazione delle visite forse andrei molto più volentieri e con meno imbarazzi...vedo che lei sa come preparare al meglio le visite nelle parti intime di noi piccole trav...!! anche lei è pronta per una visita molto profonda ed accurata...!! grazie amore sei splendida baci baci baci !!