Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Forbidden Planet - Part 2

"Alright Ensign....explain it again, for the record, how this....event occurred."
"Well Sir.....after we left the planet Altair we took on the robot and Dr. Morbius's  daughter, Altaira....we were bound for Earth but it was going to be months before we got home!!!"
"Yes we know that....but how does that explain....."
"Please allow me to continue.....our ships cook sat with me one night in the mess and told me how the robot had fabricated gallons and gallons of fine bourbon whiskey for him...including the glass bottles to contain it!!!! He said the robot could produce anything that was asked of it!!!"
"Yes, the robot Morbius created is amazing....our science people are still testing it's capabilities.....please go on..."
"We....the crew I mean....had been in space for over two years....a ship full of men....only men....for two years....and then Morbius's daughter came aboard and she was there and soon she was all any of us could think about!!! The sounds coming from the Skippers cabin were driving us all mad!!!!"
"Yes, Commander Adams has been officially reprimanded for taking advantage of that poor girl....but that doesn't explain what happened to you..."
"Well it was the combination of things....I put a couple of things together....the crazy need from being out in space for years....watching and hearing the Skipper with her...and she was so beautiful....and sexy....that it was just too much for me!!!!"
"And....what did you do?"
"I remembered what the cook told me....about the it could make anything....and I decided to try see if the robot could make something for me! So I made the greatest mistake I have ever made....I didn't realize what would happen if I didn't phrase my request correctly!"
"What did you ask the robot to do Ensign?"
"Isn't it obvious? Don't you have eyes to see!!!! I was so lonely!!!! I wanted to be home!!! I wanted to feel a woman's touch!!!! I sat and listened to her gasping and moaning through the Skipper's door and god how I wanted to feel that too!!!!"
"But what did you ask the robot to do Ensign?"
"I wanted a woman so bad"
"We understand....."
"I asked the make me a woman.....and he did....I don't know how....all I know is I woke up like this!!!!!"
"That will be all for now Ensign!"
"Thank you Sir!"

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  1. tesoro come al solito le tue sono stupende storie folli e fantasiose m molto molto ben curate e scritte che fan sorridere e pensare...nel futuro ne vedremo delle belle !! grazie amore baci baci baci