Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How About Now?

"So you've had ten minutes to think it over.....are you going to let my sissy suck your cock?"
"But it's so gay.....I'm not into guys....please!!!!"
"You keep making the same's gay with a man....but I assure you my sissy is not even close to being a man!!!!"
"I just can't.......please just a few more strokes...."
""Well if that's how you feel...."
She let go of his hard throbbing cock......he was so close.....
"If that's how you feel now....I'll be back in ten minutes and we'll see if you've changed your mind!!!!"

1 comment:

  1. parole sante amore mio...i pregiudizi sulle sissy belle decadono appena gli uomini mettono gli occhi su di noi e le nostre sexy forme...fidatevi amori miei appena ci provate appena ci assaggiate non potrete più fare a meno delle nostre dolcezze molto molto femminee e particolari con tanti bei profumi afrodisiaci !! baci baci baci