Monday, July 11, 2016

Do You Have This

"Excuse me....does this bra come in an A-cup?"
"Why yes it does Ma'am, but you must be at least a C....!"
"Oh, it's not for's kind of like a gift!"
"Oh I see....would you like it gift wrapped?"
"Yes...why you have paper that's very pink and some pink ribbon?"
"Of course!"
"Oh I can't wait to see my husbands eyes light up when he sees this....the color is perfect for him!"
"'s for your husband...well why not really thrill him with the matching panties and garterbelt?"
"That's such a good idea!!! I do want him to look pretty when my boyfriend comes over tonight!"
"He'll look darling in this I'm sure...perhaps some day you could bring him to the store and we could give him a proper bra fitting to make certain he's wearing the right many girls don't you know!"
"Oh my god....I couldn't do'd absolutely die of embarrassment, perhaps I'll bring him tomorrow!"
"Well my name is Sasha and I'm here all day tomorrow....just ask for me....I'd love to help the two of you!"


  1. I'm betting that happens much more than we think it does!

    1. I think you may be right Dee. It happened to me many years ago. My wife seem to get a kick out of it and she still does today. Totally embarrassing situation but I am surprised at some of the reactions from the clerks.

    2. Sasha was a young Russian girl who worked in a lingerie boutique in Brooklyn NY. She measured me and "fitted" me for a bra while my wife and several others, two salesgirls and two customers looked on!!! The girls carried on a conversation in Russian while she picked out bras for me to try on!!!! I wish to this day that I kbew what they were saying!!!

  2. amore i passerei le giornate ad ammirare e comprare e provare la biancheria sexy femminile...poi rosa è il mio colore preferito !!! grazie amore baci baci baci