Tuesday, July 5, 2016


She came up behind me and ran her hands over me as she nuzzled my neck....
"That's very pretty lingerie you're wearing today Sissy?"
"Thank you....but....you bought it for me....remember?"
"Oh yes I remember.....hmmmm....I can't imagine what I was thinking.....virginal white seems a little inappropriate for a slut like you....don't you think?"
I pouted....
"I'm not a slut.....I'm not!!!"
"Oh yes you are Sissy...you're a sweet sissy slut and I wouldn't want you any other way!"
I couldn't argue with that.....why on earth would I?

1 comment:

  1. io adoro soprattutto la lingerie femminile sexy, calze e tacchi alti mi fanno sentire bella e figa davanti allo specchio e se a me qualcuno mi chiamasse puttana, zoccola, vacca, troia o cagna a me farebbe moltissimo piacere mi eccitano queste parole d'amore !!! grazie baci baci baci