Thursday, July 28, 2016

Not What I Expected

Oh my I came home and I found my brother all dressed up in my clothes and makeup....again....and I was like, that's it bro you want to be a girl let's go and see my boyfriend....we'll see how much of a girl you are....and when we got to football practice I could see he had a hard-on bulging under my skirt....and even when I let him go when I spoke to my boyfriend he didn't run....when we took him to the locker room he didn't even seem nervous....when I told him to suck my boyfriends cock he went at it like a pro....but when my boyfriend started calling him Laura I realized that this wasn't the first time....I thought it over as I watched him swallow that cock and I thought.....this might be okay....this might be the way my brother and I could finally bond....this might be the way for us to finally get along....he makes a much nicer long as he finds his own boyfriend soon!!!!

1 comment:

  1. anche mia sorella sarebbe rimasta all'inizio sconcertata se mi trovava a prendere in bocca il cazzo del suo poi avrebbe accettato...perchè lei mi vuole bene e capisce la mia anima da femminuccia vogliosa di crescere ed imparare ad amare...magari penso che col tempo a volte avremmo anche giocato tutti insieme appassionatamente con amici e fidanzati occasionali !!!