Friday, July 29, 2016


"Really? I dressed you like a little slut last night and now you want me to treat you like a man? You can't be serious!!!"
"But that was just for fun Baby....."
"So, it was just for fun when I fucked you with my strap-on and you begged me to make you my bitch?"
"It was just the heat of the moment, Baby..."
"You know what I think....I think you'll crawl over here like the little slutty bitch you are and lick my pussy till I come all over your Sissy bitch face and then I'm going to dress you up as my maid and have you clean my house....what do you have to say about that?"
".....I guess I would only have to say......Thank You....Mistress!"
"Get busy Sissy....I don't have all day!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


  1. brava amore noi piccole trav prendiamo tutto sul serio soprattutto in fatto di sesso...una volta trasformate in femminucce non vogliamo tornare più indietro ed esigiamo solo di essere per sempre trattate come cameriere come domestiche come amanti come cagnette...insomma vogliamo in tutto e per tutto oramai essere considerate sissy per sempre !!! grazie amore sei fantastica baci baci baci

  2. My big fear is this is how She is starting to think about me now... s