Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Matinee - End of the Dream

"Please shoot me but spare my wife and son....they had nothing to do with it!"
"My orders are that they die and that you get to live with's your own fault!!!"
"Please NO!!!!" he screamed as the shots rang out!!!!

He sat up suddenly in bed.....a little disoriented to be where he be who he was now...after it was done....after he stood over their lifeless bodies he knew he had to disappear....they might decide to kill him too....he would change himself so much that they would never see him coming when he got the opportunity.......he may have changed but the dreams remained the same....year after year....through all the surgeries and recovery his dreams stayed the same!!!!
He worked as a waitress now....all the money he stole from the mob was now spent....but he didn't need money anymore.....providence had allowed him the chance to even the end the dreams once and for all!!!
They would all be at the restaurant for the bastards birthday.....but he couldn't think of how he could possibly get them all without one of them stopping him!!!
He played over the various scenarios in his head and none of them worked out for him!!!! But then he remembered that this was a birthday party and the plan formed in his mind!!!
Wearing the yellow dress on the night of the party raised a few eyebrows .....he explained that he wanted to look nice while serving at such an elegant party...he cautioned the rest of the staff to wait till he called them because this was a surprise party!!!
He knew once he lit the "candles" he'd have no time to save himself but it was going to be worth it!!!! He could sleep then...the dreams would finally be over!
He smiled as they all entered the room....none of them recognizing their former associate....and as soon as they were all seated he struck the match!!!!

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