Friday, July 22, 2016

Small Town Girls - Hot Summer Days

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
Everyone was gone for the whole day!!!! They slipped on their sisters' bikinis' and jumped into the pool!!!! At first there was the usual roughhousing and dunking but soon it had changed to kisses and caresses....their bodies intertwined in the cool water under the bright summer sun!!!!
They kissed and felt each other respond and kissed some more......neither one had noticed the pool service man as he stepped into the yard.....when he cleared his throat they were so embarrassed but then they saw he was smiling....then they saw the bulge in his shorts....he gestured at them....he spoke no English but they knew what he meant.....they laughed and kissed again deeply as his hand reached for his zipper....when they looked again they saw him furiously stroking himself.....the day was turning out to be even more fun than they had imagined!!!!!!

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