Sunday, July 3, 2016


My nipples have always been sensitive....she says that it was because I was born with a sissy girl inside....but I love when she plays with them....when she torments them......the clips bite so hard they make me gasp as pleasure signals shoot to my caged little clit...

....but it's when she releases them.....the blood flows back....the pain is intense.....but so is the pleasure.....I don't understand it any better than you....but I come close to cumming every time she does this.....


  1. Love these gifs. Sensational

  2. io non so se sopporterei certe piccole scosse di piacere ma mi piacerebbe avere una bellissima padrona giovane e bionda con i capelli lisci ed il cazzo di gomma pronto a farmi felice tra le natiche mentre mi pompa i miei capezzoli con un tira-latte e me le fa diventare gonfie e dure belle carnose come le ragazze dai seni acerbi ed i grandi capezzoli !!! grazie amore quante belle riflessioni mi fai fare e pensare !!! baci baci baci

  3. when he falls back on the table, get his legs on your shoulders and peg him good! You can get him before he even knows what is going on!