Friday, July 15, 2016

Girls Night Out

"There they go...."
"I can't believe our wives left us like this!!!"
"I can't believe our wives left us together dressed like this!!!!"
"I can't believe how hot you all look!!!!"
"Oh yeah....maybe we can all find a way to pass the time till our wives get back...if you know what I mean!"
"Mmmmm....what did you have in mind?"
"Since they took the keys and we're all locked in our chastity cages...I was thinking.....maybe Scrabble or Monopoly...."
"I guess it will have to do!!!!"

1 comment:

  1. a volte più che giocare con gli uomini ogni tanto mi vengono strane fantasie erotiche di giocare con le mie simili...amiche trav tutte insieme in una casa a folleggiare e divertirci senza limiti tutte belle ed eleganti con lingerie ultra-sexy...insomma una festa tra femminucce !! grazie amore baci baci baci