Friday, July 29, 2016

Thanks Dee!

One of my favorite Bloggers has posted a cap about me and my lovely wife and I just want to say thanks!!!!
So thanks Dee!!!! My wife thanks you, I thank you and when Bobby catches his breath I'm sure he'll thank you too!!!


  1. con un uomo così bello non ci sono parole possiamo partecipare alla festa in tante trav...c'è da bere e mangiare per tutte le piccole affamate fameliche lussuriose belle gattine col piccolo e moscio peperoncino...dai mettiamo bocca tutte sul nostro bene amato cazzo nero !!! baci baci baci

  2. Not a problem! You are one of my "go to" sissies! Really glad you liked it!

    Also, thanks to all the sissies that dropped into my blog this morning, as the page hits went from 242 to 787 in just one hour after Kaaren posted this EARLY this morning. I guess sissies get up before the crack of dawn, eh? What a great thing to see when I woke up.