Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Bad Mountain

They had heard about the bad mountain all their lives!!!!
Stay Away...that's what everyone said!!!!
Things happened up on that mountain....unnatural things!!!!
There were old families that lived up there.....they were crazy inbred monsters!!!!

Despite all the warnings Wally and Eddie decided to camp out up there on that ridge on the west side of the mountain....they didn't believe the stories and they would prove they weren't true!!!!

The climb was uneventful and setting up camp had gone without a hitch!!!! They settled in for a good nights sleep......they planned to do some further climbing and exploring in the morning.....after a good meal cooked over a campfire they decided to call it a night.....

It was later that they came...they crept into the camp....lightly illuminated by the fire......and soon the two boys had gotten over being startled awake and were enthusiastically enjoying their night visitors!!!!

It wasn't till they laid back....savoring the blissful moment that had just passed that they realized the danger they were the rest of the "families" stepped out from the surrounding darkness!!!!
The Elder stepped forward and in a gravelly voice said. "You belong to us now....but we don't need anymore man children.....from now on you two are women....take them and prepare them....the men will be waiting to greet them!!!"

For years after people swore they heard screams coming from the mountain....but they were told it was just the wind.....

The boys were never seen again....all plea's to form a search party fell on deaf ears....

On the mountain they celebrated that there was some new blood at last!!!!

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  1. mi hai fatto venire i brividi...caldi ad ammirare la foto che c'è sotto la storia...!! è bello fare l'amore sotto le stelle all'aperto a me l'odore dell'erba e dei prati mi eccita mi fa sentire libera mi metterei nuda a farmi fottere da chiunque passi di lì...!! viva la vita all'aria aperta viva i bei cazzi succulenti...buoni come salsicce alla brace !! baci baci baci