Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Pinkerton Man

As the chorus girls left the stage the loud lummox grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap.....she smelled so nice....her perfume overwhelming the stench of his six weeks out on the trail!!!!
His intentions were clear and despite all her protests she soon found herself alone with him!!!
"C'mon Darlin' I need some lovin' I've been riding long and hard for a long time and now I want to ride you just the same!"
"I've got to get back cowboy....I'm waiting for someone....maybe next time!!!"
"I don't think so....I think you'd better give me somethin' now or I think you won't be going anywhere!!!"
"Alright Cowboy but I don't have a lot of time...just drop your pants and I'll take care of you!"
"Now we're talking Darlin'"
Five minutes later she slipped out of the room....wiping the blood from her hands she quietly slipped to her position upstairs and picked up the rifle that was waiting a thumbs up to the other undercover men in the saloon...they all waited for their target to come in.....he was tired of always being dressed as the woman but he understood it.....after all he was a Pinkerton man!!!

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  1. storiella gradevolissima inaspettata...!! al contrario di me che starei vestita da donna sempre soprattutto in lingerie sexy e tacchi alti...!! grazie amore sei fantastica baci baci baci !!