Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will part 8 - The Beginning of the End

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Susie liked to walk through the facility at night....accompanied only by her pussycat Claire she liked to see how the newest projects were progressing!
Her partner Ray had been true to his word and had brought in an engineer to reproduce the machine and they now had eight fully functioning transformation devices working around the fact the engineer was in room 5 being transformed as a brainless slut for some middle eastern despot! She felt a twinge of guilt over that but Ray had made it clear that he simply knew too much!!!!
There were "clients" on the other 7 machines in various stages of transformation including a couple that they would keep for themselves!!!
Ray had arranged "protection" for their operation by providing favors to key figures in government so the threat of criminal prosecution was no longer really something she considered.
If she had any complaint at all it was that she still missed her husband.....he had been gone for so long now.....sometimes at night she wondered about him,,,,where he was....who was using him....if he ever thought of her.....but of course that was impossible....his mind had been wiped by the machine and James her husband had been replaced by Jamie her slave!!!
She reached down and swatted her cat's bottom and Claire had mewed piteously which made Susie smile.....then she swatted her again and she began to laugh.....soon her laughter was echoing through the halls drowning out the incessant hum of the machines.....

Meanwhile.....hundreds of miles away two nurses were struggling....
"What's the matter with her?"
"I don't know she just came in here saying over and over that she remembered it all!"
"Remembered what?"
"She says her name is James and her wife Susie did this to her!!!!"
"Did what to her?"
"I don't know!!!! Call the Psych ward....this is a job for them!!!!"

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  1. sììì amore anche io sono matta...anche io adoro fare la moglie cagnetta fedele che segue la sua padrona dappertutto in luoghi della perversione...e sono entrata talmente nel personaggio della sissy che ora mi sento completamente una femminuccia completa tanto da chiamare uno psicologo per lo sdoppiamento di personalità...!!! grandiosa storia grazie amore baci baci baci