Friday, July 8, 2016

Take Your Time Sissy

"Slow down Sissy....when girls make love there's no need to rush....we can take our time and savor every's not like that with men.....they're always in a rush....they just want to get that big cock inside you and cum....we don't have to rush like that we can go slow and we can cum over and over and over.....Oh....I meant I can cum over and over....I'm sorry're so much like a girl that sometimes I forget.....!"
"It's alright Sweetheart....I'm flattered!"
"Be flattered later, pull down my panties and get that tongue inside me now!"
"But what about girls going slow...."
"Yes we do Sissy, with another girl ....but you're not a girl now get busy!!!"


  1. è vero noi femminucce in presenza di ragazze siamo più dolci più attente più sofisticate nell'amare una donna...usiamo le tecniche amatorie più femminili che maschili...d'altronde la nostra anima da femminuccia non mente !!! baci baci baci