Monday, December 26, 2016


"I just need a few things's the list!"
"OK Sweetheart, give me a few minutes to change and I'll go...."
"No need for that's just a few'll take only a few minutes..."
"But what Sissy?"
"But I can't go like this....people will see me!!!!"
"For gods sake'll only be a few probably won't see more than a couple of dozen people....use the express checkout if you like...but you are going.....right now!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
My face was red but my little clit was trying it's best to get free of the cage!!!!


  1. Then some big hulking guy gets in line behind you and starts talking to you. He's really persistent. Does he know you're a sissy? Does he care?

  2. splendido far la fila alla cassa del super-market vestita da femminuccia...ti senti tutti gli occhi addosso...e senza volerlo ti ecciti mentre le guance arrossiscono come una fanciulletta...sensazioni forti e meravigliosamente femminili !!! grazie e tanti baci baci baci