Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Christmas Wish

Poor Norman glumly turned off the television....It's A Wonderful Life....he laughed....maybe it was for some people!!!!
Another Christmas wasn't that he was unfriendly or was just that he just never caught anyone's attention....he was just an anonymous face in the crowd!
He sighed as he sipped his tea and ate the home made cookies he had just taken out of the oven!!!! How he wished that this Christmas would be he wished that people would notice he wished he would find friends and love.....he sighed again and went to the sink to wash up his dishes.
He didn't know that it was snowing out....he didn't know that there was Christmas magic in the snow.....he had no idea that his wishes had been heard and a special answer was being sent to him!!!
Norman turned to go to bed when the window flew open and the snow swirled around him....changing his body....changing his life....and when it stopped Norma stood there, she closed the window while the phone was ringing....she'd get it in a moment....first she had to see who was at the door.....sometimes she wished she could have a nice quiet Christmas Eve all to herself....


  1. I hope everyone who reads this has their Christmas wishes come true!

    1. Thank you so much for your support Dee and Merry Christmas!!!

  2. il mio sogno di natale di quando ero bambinetto non ci crederete ma erano avere delle splendide scarpine rosse brillanti col tacco...già da allora più che essere babbo natale sognavo di essere una bella befana....!! baci baci baci e serene feste natalizie in compagnia dell'amore !! baci baci baci