Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Vampyr

She slowly walked toward the mausoleum, the parasol protecting her from the burning rays of the morning sun! It would be good to sleep she had had a busy night!!!
Her brethren within, already slumbering, didn't understand her and she likewise didn't understand them!!!
The dark gift had given them so much....eternal life, the supernatural ability to control the weaker mortals minds....and the ability to shape shift!!!!
After several centuries of chasing her fleeing prey in the shape of a wolf or a bat or most stupidly as a mist, she realized that there was an easier way!!!
For some reason the brethren had resisted the very idea of shifting as she had done, but she found she was far more comfortable like this and she never had to chase her prey anymore they came oh so willingly....
However her belly was full of delicious blood and some other fluids and  she needed to sleep!!!!
She lay down in her casket, nestling into her native soil, and as she closed her eyes she let the image slip away....gone was the unnamed seductress....once again Prince Gregor of Carpathia, the king of the Vampires slept!!!!


  1. So deliciously awesome Kaaren! Happy New Year's to you babe!

    1. Thanks Dee....Happy one to you too!!!!