Thursday, December 22, 2016

More To The Story

My sweet friend Dee was nice enough to make this cap for me for Xmas....and I love it and she gave me permission to post her work here so here it is...

But there's more to the story....

Santa cried enough!!!
And put me over his knee
And spanked me so hard
That I wriggled with glee!!
His hand had turned
My bottom to pink!!!
But then Santa paused
And he started to think!
He told me I'd had enough
Because "Kaaren you see"
"I'll need some time"
"To spank your friend Dee!!!!"
"She's on my naughty list"
"Number 2 behind you"
"And if you need a spanking"
"Boy does she need one too!!!"
And when it was over
We both rubbed our pink cheeks
Realizing now
We won't sit for weeks!!!
We both watched him fly off
With his sled to the sky
He smiled and turned
And waved us goodbye!
"Merry Christmas Sissy Kaaren"
"And to your friend Dee too!"
"I'll see you next year "
"When I come back to spank you!!!"
"You're both on my naughty list"
"Number one and two I fear"
"It's something to think about "
"Throughout the New Year !!!!"
And we heard him laugh
As he rode out of sight
"Merry Christmas sweet gurls"
"Thanks for the good night!!!!"


  1. OMG, that's too cute! Happy holidays, hon. :)

  2. meravigliosa poesia...tutta da godere...sotto l'albero...sperando che la notte di natale non finisca mai !!! baci baci baci

  3. Wonderful job on the extension of the caption with the poem you wrote.

    Hope everyone out there that read this post has a wonderful holiday week coming up!

  4. maravilhosa,que tesão de bunda,quero meter isso tudo,gostosa,beijos...