Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Captain Future the Man of Tomorrow

Even the universal translator he wore in his ear was unable to make sense of what these green brutes were saying.....Captain Future knew this was a tough spot....but in his heart he knew he would find a way to defeat these aliens....after all he was the Man of Tomorrow!!!!
Unfortunately, they took a keen interest in his young teen aged sidekick "Lucky" Starr and as they wrestled him into position Captain Future tried desperately to free no avail!!!!
He watched in wonder as the ray began to change a matter of moments the boy was gone and a stunning young girl stood in his place!!!! As they dragged him away tThe lad looked to Captain Future in desperation !!!!
"Please Cap....don't let them do this to me......"
Captain Future always made the last minute escape and he knew that once he was loose he would rescue Lucky and they would return to the their life of daring adventures and deep space exploration....
It was then that he realized that the transformation ray was pointed at him and he felt the first wave of the process begin.....

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  1. che bello voglio andare anche io nello spazio ed incontrare gli uomini verdi e farmi trasformare da bella signorina...voglio essere colpita dal raggio magnifico e poi tutta sculettante e col gonnellino ed i tacchi futuristici esplorare e farmi esplorare da creature nuove e fantastiche...!! la tua fantasia erotica sfiora la l'erotismo !! baci baci baci