Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Released

He didn't know how long he had been held here by his alien captors!!! Time had no meaning here. On the ship there was no day or night and he had long since given up on trying to keep track of what he thought of as "days".
He had slowly come to grips with the changes they had made to him.....his complaints were met with indifference by his captors....all he was ever told was that they would return him to earth soon!!!
He knew that they were doing things to him while he was either asleep or, more likely, sedated!!!!
He wished he knew what they wanted from him.....he wished they would take him home!
Every "day" after he woke he would proceed through the cleaning process they had established for him....the exterior cleaning was bad but the devices used to clean his body of waste products were terrifying and painful!!! He had learned to grit his teeth and try not to scream as the devices entered his body to do their work!!!
He was always naked....he had no choice in this....the aliens also wore no clothing, perhaps the idea of covering your body was "alien" to them! He had no choice but to observe the changes they had made and were continuing to make to him.....he was a woman now....whether he liked it or not.
This "day" was different however.
After his cleaning they provided him with suitable for his new self, not the clothing he had been wearing that night when they had found him alone on the road trying to hitch a ride! He laughed a little at the thought....he had really gotten a ride after all.
The aliens led him to the room where he had first arrived....some type of transportation beam had pulled him from the earth and now they told him he was to be returned to where they had found him!!!
He was bathed in the bright white light that had first brought him to the ship and he felt the static electric tingles beginning to shoot from his fingertips as the transportation process began!
"Farewell human, we will return in seven of  your months to pick up the child!"
And then he was on the road again....watching the ship fly off into the sky!!!
His mind was reeling!!! Seven Months!!!! The child!!!!
What could he do??? Who would believe him???

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  1. storia meravigliosa di trasformazioni son convinta che non finisce qui...spero solo che gli alieni non gli abbiano impiantato l'utero...a me piace l'idea di esser femmina bella col pisellino...!! grazie viva la fantasia sfrenata rende felici baci baci baci