Wednesday, December 14, 2016


"Don't you look just adorable in that're being such a good girl for me I think you've earned a reward....come over here Baby...."
"You's time...."
"Here Sissy let me just unlock you and we'll remove that little cage....I think you need to get it nice and hard for me Sissy....stroke it slowly ....I want it nice and hard for what comes next.....don't you dare cum Sissy just get that little cutie hard for me!!!"
"Oh yes....thank you....this feels so good!!!"
"OK Sissy I've had enough let's get you soft and back in that cage, go fetch a bowl of ice from the freezer...."
" said you wanted me hard for what comes next...."
"Yes Sissy....this is what comes next....I just wanted to see it get I've seen it and I'm done so let's put it away till I want to see it again!!!"
"But....I thought you'd let me cum....when can I cum....please it's been months...."
"I don't know Sissy....this is a very busy time for me....maybe we can talk about it again in the Spring...."


  1. this has been done to me......released only to be abused and no cummies, I accept this as my submissive/sissy life

  2. le nostre belle padrone a volte ci sorprendono per la loro improvvisa generosità e dolcezza...ora addirittura ci fanno ogni tanto togliere la piccola gabbietta e desiderano che noi ci masturbiamo piano il nostro ben fatto fiorellino dell'amore la nostra rosea fragola saporita e rotonda...sanno che se coltivano in questa maniera i loro oramai sbocciati fiori femminei i piaceri in casa aumenteranno a dismisura per la felicità e la gioia di tutti...!! baci baci baci

  3. Raising a sissy's hopes and then dashing them. It's pretty much a requirement.