Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

How they had all laughed!!!
All of his colleagues at the Institute had dismissed his theories with ridicule!!!
But he still pursued it, he knew his research was sound and even after his expulsion he persevered!!!
Then the breakthrough came!!!! Contact!!!!
It wasn't aliens as so many had thought but a small interdimensional rip that appeared and disappeared randomly over a small area of the Atlantic Ocean!!!! Our planes and boats had gone through and were received on the other side as gifts!!!!
The interdimensional beings never imagined that those men who had vanished from our world were anything other than good-will offerings from us!!! They, of course knew about the interdimensional rip and never got close enough to be caught by it....and they thought we also knew!!!!
When he made contact he asked that our men be returned, the interdimensional beings said they would be sent back through a temporary portal....but they had been changed into mindless sex slaves whose only pleasure came from pleasing others!!!
As they came through the portal, one by one, he couldn't think of what was the best, his scientific vindication or his choice of dozens of sex slaves whose only interest was his pleasure!!!!
He would put it all into his paper, which he would submit for peer review....eventually!!!!

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  1. tesoro bella se sai la latitudine e la longitudine di questo meraviglioso luogo di trasformazione dammele subito...!! ad una sola condizione però che non mi facciano diventare un robot voglio sentire piacere dare piacere...!! e una cortesia per favore parla tu con gli scienziati e suggerisci loro di lasciarmi nella bella trasformazione il mio piccolo e roseo sono affezionata !! grazie baci baci baci