Thursday, December 1, 2016

Young Billy Was Not Happy

"Doesn't it feel nice Billy...the soft smooth material against you ....tell me feels so nice....doesn't it?"
"Yes feels so nice!!!!"
"And you like me stroking your little sissy clit.....don't you Billy?"
"Yes Auntie.....I love it!!!!"
"Love what Billy?"
"I love when you stroke me Auntie!!!!"
"When I strike what Billy? I want you to say it!!!!"
"I love it when you stroke my sissy clit Auntie!"
"Do you want to cum you want to shoot your sissy cum into your pretty nightie?"
"Yes please!!!!!"
"No....I don't think you're ready....let's wait a couple of days and we'll off to sleep with you......"
"It's so hard Auntie...."
"Do I need to get the ice Billy?"
"No Auntie....good night!!!!"


  1. Is this what they mean by 'a hand reared boy'?

  2. It IS humiliating to say, "Yes, please, i want to make sissy cummies in my panties, Mistress!"

  3. magari in vita mia avessi avuto una zia così amorosa e particolare che intuisse il mio modo di essere e mi agevolasse nelle scelte biancheria intima è la mia passione insieme ai tacchi alti...mi fanno sentire felice...!! grazie tesoro sei fantastica sempre baci baci baci !!