Monday, December 26, 2016

Momday ManCandy

The day after Christmas and you know everyone will be in something new!!! So you slip on that pretty new cashmere sweater that you're sure will impress everyone while keeping you toasty warm on this chilly winter day!!!
But you need something more.....something to keep you warm on the fill your tummy and give you that glow all day....something delicious and creamy......something you love!!!
ManCandy!!!! Keeping the cold winter at bay!!!!


  1. anche sotto le feste di natale guai a saltare un lunedi senza prendere la giusta dose di medicina meravigliosa per bocca...!! solo così ci manteniamo giovani e dalla pelle liscia e fresca...solo così ci sentiamo belle femminucce piacenti...!! baci baci baci e buone feste!!

  2. First "formal portrait" i've seen with cum-mouth ~sara