Wednesday, December 28, 2016


"I warned you if I caught you wearing my clothes again that this is what would happen!!!! I told you if you wanted to dress like a girl I'd make you suck a cock like a girl!!! How do you like it now???? How do you like having a big cock in your mouth??? You want to be a girl so you're going to suck his cock like a girl!!!! How do you like it??? I'm going to love watching him cum in your slutty mouth!!!! Are you enjoying that cock??? Do you like having your mouth filled with his cock????"
It was really impossible to answer her.....she was so angry as she pushed him down on the cock......he kept trying to say yes and thank you but it's hard to speak with your mouth full!!!!!


  1. Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am. May I have another? :)

  2. se sapevo prima che la mia padrona si arrabbiava quando indossavo di nascosto la sua sexy lingerie intima l'avrei già fatto mesi prima se poi la punizione è questa...meravigliosi ricchi profondi pompini a grossi cazzi carnosi...quanto gusto e quanta saliva meravigliosa !!! baci baci baci