Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sissy School - All The Young Boys

She taught the young boys
True feminine poise
And she never let them stray
Wearing skirts and sweet lace
She kept them in place
And told them here's where they'd stay
And all the young boys
Who used to make noise
And used to spend so much time wanking
Found that under their skirt
They still wanted to squirt
But were afraid to because of the spanking
They practiced all day with books on their head
And later tonight she'll send them to bed
In nighties of satin and silk
And as she closes the door
She'll hear their feet on the floor
As they rush to get Sissy milk
They'll drift off to dream
Tummies full of warm cream
And think of their future lives
Dressed in panties, by the door
They will kneel on the floor
So they could await their beautiful wives

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