Friday, September 16, 2016

Let's Talk

Yesterday my friend Dee did me the honor of making up a caption about me please go check it out...I love it and I'm sure all my sweet readers will as well.
In her explanation about the cap she raised a few questions and I quote:

"From having this blog, I have met a few sissies, including the titular Sissy Kaaren of this caption, and there have been times I've really had to bite my tongue reading their stories. Especially since you never know if (a) the posts are true, based on real life, or are complete fabrications, and (b) how much control their other halves have when it comes to their contact with the outside world."
I started to answer this in a reply on her blog but I thought that maybe I should make this a long-winded post here instead of a long winded reply there...
 I love that in the cap it's just me and my wife out as a pair of girlfriends, I have actually enjoyed doing the all-girl thing with my wife on several occasions....where we weren't sissy husband and mistress wife, just a couple of girlfriends out having fun....she and I both love to dance and we hit the clubs from time to time...
As to your point (a) well some are true and some are fantasy....some little things posted as fantasy then came true later....some posts start out true and then veer off into fantasy...I think my life is more mundane than it would seem and if I only posted reality I would quickly run out of things to say.
As to (b) my wife is a business professional and she works very hard...she provides for both of us after I became unemployed several years ago....we decided that rather than taking a job that I would hate, we could afford it for me to stay home and keep the house for us.....the fact that I was a sissy didn't really play into this decision but it gave me opportunities that I hadn't had before. I would be her maid/housekeeper/lover/submissive and I have been very happy in those roles...Does she control our relationship....well yes she does but that control comes with my consent she understands my need to submit but she also understands that in a dom/sub relationship it is the sub that sets the limits, at least that's the way it is for us! 

Does she control my contact with the outside world....yes and no...I still keep in touch with some old friends and do some "guy" things with them and she likes them....well most of them, has there ever been a wife who likes all her husbands friends? I have met and like most of her friends and we have a pretty interesting social life where we go out as husband and wife....we are outwardly as normal as any other couple! Kaaren mostly stays home if you know what I mean!!! There are some friends, the ones that we agree can be trusted, who have met Kaaren and at least one who for the sake of anonymity I have referred to as Stacy on my blogs who has been given more intimate access to our lives.

Dee then wonders...
 I get the addiction of pushing the envelope in any sort of kink, but I wonder if there is a real regret for a return to a normality that doesn't exist anymore, since you can't put the toothpaste back once it has been squeezed out of the tube. "What's wrong with Z? I mean, you had no problem doing X and Y?" When you go into that other realm, do you have ground rules set up as to what exactly IS and ISN'T proper, or just keep wandering up to the invisible line, cross it, and hope that THAT wasn't the limits of what you wanted?

Do we have limits.....oh yes we have limits....just because you like X and Y that has nothing to do with Z......we understand each other and know what's real in our life and neither of us would do anything that would damage that....and despite whatever anyone may think, I have said no plenty of has's not about's not about's about us.

Dee also wonders....
Its more like a, "I had a real rough day at work, and the last thing I want to do right now is do 2 batches of laundry in a french maid outfit while you cuckold me with our landscaper. can't we just order Chinese food and watch a couple Mel Brooks movies?" 

Well aside from the fact that the laundry is part of my job there are plenty of nights where we just curl up together in our jammies, with some popcorn and a few DVDs....even I can't think about sex all the time.....

It's a valid question...
 As a sissy cuckold, do you have the right to know who your wife is boffing on the side and isn't it cheating if she isn't telling the sissy she has a side piece, as opposed to cuckolding? 

In a word, yes! And I have some veto power there too....if the guy is an asshole he doesn't come into our home....but she's a very good judge of character and she feels them out very carefully before she decides what to do and then she sits and discusses it with me....and yes keeping it a secret is cheating!!! I know it sounds crazy when my wife has sex with other men that I'm OK with but there is still a possibility of cheating.....but it's the honesty of the cuckold relationship that makes it work....if we weren't honest with each other things would begin to go badly very quickly!!! And as for me....well probably 99% of my sex life is supervised anyway so cheating would be impossible....I can't cheat and I wouldn't if I could because I love her and would never dream of hurting her and I'm sure she feels the same way about me!

Another good question...
At what point, if there is bondage / pegging / humiliation does the sub have a right to say enough is enough, I don't want this, and if they do, will the Dom be happy with that decision, and what happens next?

We haven't reached that point yet, maybe we will one of these days....maybe her or maybe me....when we married we promised each other to stay together forever and I plan to honor that promise and I'm absolutely sure, without even a bit of doubt that she plans the same!!!

So there you have it....other cuckold couples experiences may be different....but we fulfill each others needs and desires with respect and love....and we make each other happy!!!

Now how do I get down off this soapbox??? It's time to snuggle with my Sweetie, she has to get up soon and she has a date for Friday night!!!!




  1. che tu scriva brevi e affascinanti storie inventate dalla tua fervida e meravigliosa fantasiosa o fatti veri della tua meravigliosa vita e scelta quotidiana a me piaci comunque così bella Kaaren...adoro te le tue storie e le tue foto ed immagini !!! baci baci baci tesoro

  2. I don't think I could do this kind of relationship in total especially sharing my wife but I do at times want to be very submissive and of course very feminine with her taking charge.
    It sounds like you and your wife love one another very much and that's special for sure.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. So glad that you decided to expand this into a post of your own. I am glad to have read this, and so happy to read what I read about you and your relationship with your wife. I had a pretty good idea what it was like anyway, but you just confirmed the ideas I had in my head. PLUS it did give me some confirmation of how I had felt about reading some of the other sissy stories and blogs out there.

    Please check into my post again as I did answer you over there again. Do you actually show your wife captions I've made for you? That does put a smile on my face, and now I wonder which ones you've shown her and which one she liked the best.

    1. Again I have to point out that I am in no way a spokesman....spokesgirl....spokessissy for the many sissy cuckold couples out there....I can only speak for our relationship!!!
      I replied over on your post for showing your caps to my wife...she's not usually interested in my "little online games" but this one she really liked which led to a search of your blog for some of the others!!!
      She actually told me that this most current one seems closer to our actual lives than any of the others!! She said she could easily imagine the very same words actually coming from her!!!
      I've promised to show her any new caps should there be any!!!

  4. Dear Kaaren,
    Is that a picture of you and your wife?
    Thank you

  5. Dear Sissy
    Please tell us about your wifes date. How long
    has she been cucking you?
    Best wishes

  6. Its a special time when I share time with my Mistress and we both enjoy it. The mind is the biggest sex organ and fantasy comes into play at times to keep the relationship, like any other relationship, fresh and exciting. My Mistress controls our relationship but with input from me. We will talk it over and come to a solution acceptable to both of us since we are both enjoying the situation at the time. There are times where my Mistress will not bend on certain things and I submit to her knowing she has my interest in her hands. She does know what is good for me and when she is in doubt she will ask.
    I lost my job several years ago and I decided that I was better at the house chores than she. I started doing the chores while she was working, sometimes six days a week. It was a role reversal that we both enjoyed. She introduced me to role reversal feminine style by having me wear maid outfits and the such. It was in good fun that revolved from there. I enjoy where I am today with certain people in our lives knowing about our relationship.
    I never had a thought about going back to wearing the pants and going to work. I enjoy pampering my Mistress upon her arrival home and getting ready for her dates. I think it is a girl thing that many do not understand.