Friday, January 22, 2016

And So You See

"And so you see ladies..,not all "men" are created equal!!!! Obviously this little thing is of no use to any of you!!! Some of you in the back should come up to the front....I'm sure you can't even see it from there!!!!"
"Professor it's far too small to be called a cock....what do you call one that small?"
"An excellent question! Kaaren, please enlighten us?
"It's my little bitty clitty!"
The entire class erupted in laughter....behind them the boys pointed and laughed....I tried and tried to pull up my panties but they kept slipping through my fingers.....I could only whimper as the humiliation got worse and worse and....
"Kaaren....Kaaren! Wake up! You're having a dream!!!"
As I stirred it started to slip away.....
"Did you have a bad dream Kaaren? You were whimpering and moaning!!!!"
"Yes it was a bad dream....maybe if I go right back to sleep I can see where it goes!!!"
"God Kaaren!!!!! Even in your sleep you are such a sissy!!!!"


  1. We can't hide our subconscious Kaaren.

    1. I generally lay mu subconscious out for all to see!!!!
      Really don't all of us sissy bloggers do that when you get down to it!!!