Thursday, January 14, 2016

Maybe They Are Magic

Sissy sat there for hours waiting for it to happen.....and there was nothing!!!!
He couldn't understand it...his friend Dee had told him that park benches had sissy magic....but so far he had struck out!!!!
Then he saw her walking by the bench and she was everything he so yearned to be!!!! His jaw fell open as she walked by taking no note of his gaze riveted on her....she was used to that!!!
"How I wish I could be her...just for one day!!!" he whispered.
The air around him shimmered and it seemed as though time stopped! He felt like he left his body sitting on the bench and as he moved toward her he felt her pass him as she moved toward the bench!!!
Suddenly there was something like a crash of thunder as he slipped into her body!!!
In a moment he realized that there was Sissy Magic in that bench!!!
He had a day to be the beautiful woman he had always wanted to be and with a glance at the hysterical screaming man on the bench he hurried....a day wasn't much time and there was so much he wanted to do!!!!!


  1. love the photo. i may use it sometime.

  2. Well, as My Little Ponies would say, "Friendship is Magic!" so that is some I've given to you sweetie! I think I got both you AND Leeanne twice, right?

    Also, remember, you can search for ALL the bench stories (and some that aren't canon) by clicking on the "benck" label.

    1. Thanks Dee, People probably wonder why I'm always staring at those park benches....