Thursday, January 7, 2016

Less Every Day

It had started with her panties!!!
She asked him to wear them for her...she said he would look so cute and it would be their little secret!
Later came the matching bra and garterbelt....just for fun she said and nobody would ever know....and of course he would need stockings!!!
He found he was enjoying these games and she was so happy with him!!!!
Then came the heels....she helped him learn to walk in them and she sat on the edge of the bed clapping like a little girl as she made him walk back and forth till she was satisfied he was doing it properly!!!!
Then came the chastity prevent unsightly erections in his panties she said....just for fun....she said she had the key and she could release him any time she wanted!!!!!
Then she styled his hair...he wore it long....she said she loved long hair on her men!!!
Then came the dresses....she felt bad that he was walking around in just his underwear....his lingerie all day!!!
Then she did his makeup and as he looked in the mirror he saw very little of the man he had been!!!!
Then came the boyfriends!!!! She needed a real man she wasn't serious it was just for fun....
Then he was on his knees in front of her lover....
"This time it's serious!" she said, "Get him nice and wet...nice and hard....then go fix your lipstick! I'll want you lick me clean!!!!"
He nodded and opened his mouth and his change was complete!!!

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