Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Bigger

The terrified scientist screamed as the giant enraged sissy waved him at the incoming planes!!!
"Please put me down....please it was an accident!!!! Please put me down and come back to the lab!!!! I can fix this!!!!"
His cries lost as the sissy waved her arms at the planes buzzing so near yet just out of reach!!!
Suddenly she turned her attention to the small flailing figure in her hand!!!!
"You!!! If I die you're going with me!!! All I wanted was big boobs and you made me into a monster!!!!"
It was then that the planes opened fire!!! Even with her gigantic size the machine guns finally took their toll and she fell...never releasing the screaming scientist  who prayed in the moments before impact that her giant hand would absorb the force of the fall and save his life!!!
Unfortunately for him his prayers were not answered!!!
Looking over the carnage at the scene Police Captain Tom Sullivan spoke quietly to his lieutenant. "Sure it's a shame!!! The poor soul wanted the big ones to attract the boys!!!"
"But wasn't he a man to begin with?"
"Maybe so, but not much of one!!! Still tis a shame! Maybe someday there'll be a way to artificially increase their size....maybe poor Dr. Zorka there would have perfected his formula!!! Think of the joys it would bring to the world if women could make them any size they wanted them to be!"
"Still he had made her a monster...if it hadn't been for the planes who knows what might have happened!!!"
"It wasn't the planes..." the Captain said sadly.
"You mean?"
"It wasn't the was boobies that killed the beast!!!!"

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