Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

"I saw your wife the other day and she sure is pretty! Not as pretty as mine though!"
"Your wife is pretty but mine likes to have wild sex!"
"Maybe so but my wife is way kinkier than yours!!!"
"My wife is way kinkier...she makes me wear her panties and fucks me with an 8 inch strap-on!!!"
"Is that all!!! Ha!!!! My wife dresses me like a cheerleader and has big black guys come in and fuck us both and I have to lick up all the cum!!!
"Yeah I lick up my wife's boyfriends cum all the time too....and she makes me keep a butt plug in me every game day!!!!"
" know what I think?"
"I think the four of us should get together in the off-season...I think I'd really like that and I have an extra cheerleader uniform!!!!"
"Sounds great!!!"

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