Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Secret Agent.....Man?

Dr. Terrible screamed in terror!!!!
"No don't touch that lever!!!! The entire island will be destroyed!!!! You'll kill us all!!!"
The spy replied in a thick British accent!
"It will be worth it to stop your nefarious plan!!! I can't allow you to use that weapon on anyone else after what you did to me!!!!"
"Please consider the hundreds of lives of the workers here....many of them are just ordinary people working ordinary jobs....would you kill them too?"
"I....I save the world....I must!"
"But you know you don't really want too....don't that my xychromo ray has changed you you feel so much more empathy don't it really so bad being a beautiful woman?"
"You're trying to confuse mission is to stop you...."
"But could have easily killed me last night when I took you into my bed but instead you felt pleasures and joys that you've never felt before didn't you?"
"You took advantage of me....I didn't know what I was doing!!!!"
"Oh my dear girl, I beg to knew exactly what you were doing and by the third time you were doing it better than any other woman I've ever known!!!"
The spy giggled a little!!!
"Maybe so....but my mission..."
"Stay here and be mine...a woman like you could maybe make me see the error of my ways!!"
"But my mission...."
"That was James's mission and you are certainly not James anymore are you?"
"I guess that's right....but they'll send another to look for me...."
"Well wouldn't you like to have some new girlfriends to play with? Now just take your hand away from that lever and we'll go back to my chambers"
"Would this one lever really destroy the whole island? Why would you have something like that? Why would it be out here where anyone could get at it?"
"That's a very good question....I never thought about that before, I'll have it removed tomorrow! Now come my dear...let us retire!"
As they walked away the men in the control room were torn between watching her go and staring at the lever that so many of them had leaned on over the years!!!

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