Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Lab

Tom Sullivan watched the waitress pour his coffee....
"Hey Sweetheart" he said, "I'm looking for a friend of mine that might have passed through here....maybe a month ago! About your height, blonde like you even look a little like him....his name was Tim remember seeing anyone like that?"
"No sir....I can't say I remember him....but we get a lot of people coming through here since that flood washed out the bridge on the interstate!!!"
He watched her walk away....and he enjoyed it!!!
He sipped his coffee as he looked out the window and after a short time she brought his hamburger. The first bite was a little bitter and he sniffed the meat to see if it might have spoiled....his second bite....much smaller than the first....tasted just fine though!
As he ate the burger it suddenly occurred to him that he hadn't seen a single man since he'd arrived in this town....not one!!!!
"When the waitress came to refill his coffee he asked her, "Where are all the men in this town? I'm not complaining....but I haven't seen a single one??"
"Oh....The men all go to the Lab!"
"The men all you mean they all work at the Lab?"
"The men all go to the Lab!" she repeated.
"Well where is this Lab....maybe my friend Tim went there!"
"Straight down the Main Street and up the hill! You can't miss it....all steel and glass!"
"Thanks....uh...I didn't get your name...." he said as he paid his bill.
"My name is Tammy!"
"Thanks Tammy, it's really funny how much you resemble my could be his sister!"
"Thank you!" she said as he stepped out of the door.
As his car pulled out onto Main Street she reached for the phone behind the counter and dialed the number!
"Lab" a female voice said.
"There's one on the way to you now...the initial dosage was successfully administered!"
"Is he transformable or disposable?"
"Perfectly transformable!"
"Thank you. we'll be ready when he arrives!"

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