Saturday, January 2, 2016

Taking My Analyst For A Ride

"Well Kaaren, it's been a couple of months since our last session and I've been reviewing your file and quite a large file it is!!!! I'm still having trouble understanding your dozens of fetishes and how they developed but I think that with a little more work I might be able to write a bestseller all about you!!!"
"I'm willing to do whatever you need Dr. Dee! I want to understand just as much as you do!"
"Well Kaaren there is one fetish that stands apart from the others and I think we should explore that to see if it offers any different insights into how you became the sissy you are today!"
"What's that Dr. Dee?"
"Let's talk about Baby Pony Ranch Kaaren and maybe we can take a ride around the office while we talk!"
"Gladly Dr. Dee!!! I wish you had a bit and harness though!!!!"
"Funny thing you mention that Kaaren....I guess we'll talk after our ride! Now come here and open wide...."


  1. that's so incredibly humiliating , and extremely hot !!! I imagine myself getting that, and turning beet red faced , but oozing sissy juice at the same time. love the picture

  2. I think we'll do a bit of dressage first, though I think I'll need to learn what dressage is .. and with a crop like that, I'm sure you are going to be saddle sore .. considering I bet you like getting ridden bareback much more!

    I will figure out that sissy mind of yours someday! In the meantime, I NEED a pair of boots like that!