Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Put on Something Really Pretty

She told me to put on something really pretty, something special! So I went and carefully chose only the prettiest lingerie I had, all lace and frills!
Not the sexiest but then that's not what she asked for!
My pink bustier and matching panties....my favorites...bikinis with lots of lace edging and insets and a full ruffled bottom....my prettiest white stockings attached to the garters pulling them taut....my white strappy sandals with the three inch heels completed the outfit!
I took some time with my hair and makeup and when I was feeling pretty I went back to join her!
I suppose some would draw conclusions that she chose blue lingerie while I chose pink, but when I saw her she was a vision! This woman was my world!!! The most beautiful woman I have ever, or will ever, see!
The smile that greeted me will fill my dreams for the rest of my life!
"What's the special occasion?" I asked
"I have no plans today and I wanted to spend the day with you! Do you want to make love to me?"
"Oh my god yes!!!"
"Well come and kiss me then and let's see what you can do....."

Sorry....the rest is private....

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